Hotel GPS Coordinates : 48.8419, 2.325408

Hotel Unic Renoir Saint Germain Paris is located in the centre of the famous Left Bank triangle: Latin Quarter, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Montparnasse. In the same mind that the famous impressionist artist, Hotel Unic Renoir Saint Germain Paris creates a new embellishment order to offer you the best of contemporary and the most seduction of the tradition. The Hotel Unic Renoir Saint Germain Paris stands in the heart of the legendary Montparnasse district.

Public Transport

Edgar Quinet Station0.1 km / 0 mi
Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG)25.4 km / 15.8 mi
Paris Le Bourget Airport (LBG)14.4 km / 8.9 mi
Paris Orly Airport (ORY)12.5 km / 7.8 mi
Lognes Airport (XLG)21.9 km / 13.6 mi
Paris Beauvais Airport (BVA)70.6 km / 43.9 mi
Pontoise Cormeilles Airport (POX)35.7 km / 22.2 mi
Toussus-le-Noble Airport (TNF)18.6 km / 11.6 mi
Emerainville Airport22 km / 13.7 mi
Dreux Vernouillet Airport (XDR)72.2 km / 44.9 mi
Soissons Airport (XSS)88.9 km / 55.3 mi

Top Paris Attractions and Landmarks near Hotel Unic Renoir Saint Germain Paris

Montparnasse0.2 km / 0.1 mi
Bobino0.3 km / 0.2 mi
Tour Montparnasse0.3 km / 0.2 mi
Left Bank0.3 km / 0.2 mi
Montparnasse Cemetery0.4 km / 0.2 mi
Museum of Montparnasse0.4 km / 0.2 mi
Place Vavin0.4 km / 0.3 mi

Distances from the property's location to the places of Interest are calculated in a straight line and are displayed to the nearest 0.1 kilometer or 0.1 mile.

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