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Recommendation:  by Helen Hewett
Suitable for: Singles

The apartment is a good size and well equiped but looks very tired and old fashioned. The room was very noisy as the surrounding roads are busy and noisy. Some apartments are let out and next to me was group of young people who partied with strobe lighting and head banging music until 3am. Their guests for the party sat in the hall outside my room smoking (on a non-smoking floor) and yelled and screamed all night slamming doors making excessive noise. There was nothing I could do until the next day as reception is only staffed until 7pm. I complained but was told that there was nothing that could be done as some apartments do not come under the control of management. The apartment I am referring to is the one that from the street you can see graphiti on the windows which looks a real eye-sore. For the reasons I would not stay again and would not recommend the apartments, and in fact I have told the conference people they should consider taking the hotel off the list fo recommended places to stay or at least warn people.

Sorry my feedback is negative but my three nights were hell!

  Facilities 2
  Ambience 1
  Service 2
  Location 5
  Value for Money 1
  Bed 4
  Cleanliness 4
  Room Size 4
  Amenities 2

Recommendation:  by Peter Jelfs

My room was situated over a very busy highway with a lot of constant ambient noise

  Facilities 3
  Ambience 1
  Service 3
  Location 3
  Value for Money 2
  Bed 4
  Cleanliness 4
  Room Size 5
  Amenities 4

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