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Recommendation:  by Barbara DeRome
Suitable for: Leisure

>I was disappointed, as a business traveller to find the following: no mini bar, no room service, very expensive gourmet deliveries from a Cairns supplier, no in-house access to fresh milk, a small room, dark old fashioned furniture, a bed which sank towards the middle and where you could clearly feel the divided beds, poor lighting for applying makeup over the bathroon mirror and no additional mirror, full length, in the main room. I now realise that the Mantra brand is for leisure travellers and I wont use it when I am looking for services during my business travel. The staff, however were always very helpful and pleasant. The foyer area was stylish and promised much but the rooms did not bear out the promise

  Facilities 2
  Ambience 3
  Service 4
  Location 4
  Value for Money 2
  Bed 1
  Cleanliness 3
  Room Size 1
  Amenities 2

Recommendation:  by Heather Krause
Suitable for: Business, Leisure, Romance, Families, Singles, Couples

We found the staff courteous and very helpful. They were always pleasant and willing to help in every way.
We do pick this hotel because of the location but we also think the accommation is very good.
We really enjoy the view from the balconies, we think the nighttime view of Cairns is really great.

The beds are always comfortable and we take advantage of the amenities provided.

  Facilities 5
  Ambience 5
  Service 5
  Location 5
  Value for Money 5
  Bed 5
  Cleanliness 5
  Room Size 5
  Amenities 5

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