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Overall Ratings by 2 Reviewers is:  4.2 
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Recommendation:  by Alan Cruickshank
Suitable for: Couples

This was our first trip to Dubai so it is impossible to judge this hotel against others. We drove in and finding the hotel was difficult as was getting the car parked. The staff did their best but leaving the keys at reception so it could be constantly moved did not fill me with confidence. The room was adequate, perhaps a bit tired, but value for money. Amenities were more than we expected and the meal we had was very nice. The main plus for this hotel was the staff who were excellent and went out of their way to help. This was value for money.

  Facilities 4
  Ambience 4
  Service 5
  Location 3
  Value for Money 4
  Bed 4
  Cleanliness 3
  Room Size 3
  Amenities 3

Recommendation:  by David Erving
Suitable for: Business, Leisure, Families, Couples

we booked a non-smoking room but were given a room on a smoking floor, while the room itself did not smell of smoke the corridor did ,which was slightly off putting . As the non-smoking law does not apply to Dubai, smoking is still allowed in bars were food is served wish put us off eating there

  Facilities 5
  Ambience 5
  Service 5
  Location 4
  Value for Money 5
  Bed 4
  Cleanliness 5
  Room Size 5
  Amenities 5

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