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Overall Ratings by 2 Reviewers is:  3.8 
Recommended: 2 Not Recommended: 0 Neutral: 0

Hotel Ratings (out of 5)

 Value for Money    

Room Ratings (out of 5)

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Recommendation:  by Gordon Stanway

Very good locality and amenities spoiled by lady at reception who failed to do her job properly in respect of fixing the globe problems On 3 occasions from day after moving in we reported failed light globes in kitchen where no lights worked and in hallway and ensuite bathroom No attempt was made to fix the problem.This is very poor service by the lady at reception who took our complaints each time.

  Facilities 4
  Ambience 4
  Service 1
  Location 4
  Value for Money 3
  Bed 3
  Cleanliness 3
  Room Size 4
  Amenities 4

Recommendation:  by Kei Kuroi

  Facilities 3
  Ambience 4
  Service 3
  Location 5
  Value for Money 5
  Bed 5
  Cleanliness 5
  Room Size 5
  Amenities 3

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